The "Leader Pro" was made by "Boatman" for professional fishermen who are looking for a compact and powerful bait boat at a reasonable price. All 3 Hoppers have together 4000g bait capacity, the boat offers the possibility to tow the fishing line accordingly and to place the hook specifically. It was built for durability and has a robust Hull with position lighting via colored LED strips as well as a large carrying handle in the middle.

Bait hoppers
The Actor has a large funnel in the middle of the boat that can hold about 3000g of dry bait. The 2 side Hoppers each 500g. press the release button on the transmitter and the flap opens, allowing you to release string and bait at the same time if necessary.

Use at night
The Leader Pro is equipped with front and rear LED lights for night operation. They are embedded in the top of the boat to avoid shining directly onto the water. Nevertheless, they illuminate possible obstacles. The front LED is white, the rear LEDs are red, so you can always see in which direction the boat is pointing.
Long travel time and replaceable, rechargeable battery
The included battery is able to allow driving times of up to 6 hours. This corresponds to the use of the boat, for example, to be able to travel 100x 100m back and forth. If this is not enough, there is an easily accessible battery cover, which allows you to exchange the battery for a new one within a very short time. The 230V charger is easy to use and included in the Set.

Low voltage warning
On the top of the fuselage is an indicator for low power

Quiet Drive System
The motors and the Propeller are optimized so that the noise is as low as possible in order to disturb the fish as little as possible. Each Propeller is surrounded by a large shelter to prevent the absorption of grass or other debris that could interfere with the propellers.

Easy Maintenance
The "Leader Pro" was developed with regard to the modular structure. This allows you to easily maintain your boat and replace parts yourself.

What's new about V3?
The middle hooper was divided into 2 smaller; new remote control; new battery plug system.



Technical Data
· Length: approx. 686 mm
· Width: approx. 476 mm
- Height: approx. 315 mm
· Weight: approx. 10.700 g (unloaded)
* Battery: LiIon 2x 7.4 V 2000mAh
* Charging time: about 10 hours
* Travel time: max. 6 hours
· Turning radius: approx. 1m
* RC system: 2.4 GHz; 10mW
* Range (Radius): approx. 500m
* Loading: max. 4000g of dry bait
* Color: Carbon


1188 EUR


* Leader Pro Bait Boat with GPS
* 2.4 GHz Transmitter
* LiIon Boat Battery
* AC 230V battery charger

1550 EUR


* Leader Pro Bait Boat with GPS and Sonar
* 2.4 GHz Transmitter
* LiIon Boat Battery
* AC 230V battery charger

*Carry Case