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​The Actor Bait boat is a part of unique budget series boats where everyone can find a perfect boat that will suite there needs. Powerful engines will help you to conquer not only lakes but also rivers. 2 bait bunkers can carry up to 1.5KG of bait and strong bait hull will protect you from any damages. Boat could be equipped with sonar and GPS or you could choose a perfect set that with those functions that you need.


Don’t know with what bait boat should you start?

Try our new budget series ACTOR 10A

It is great for beginners , professionals  and people who do not need allot of special functions. 

This boat has auto drive function to make it go forward without having to keep your fingers pressing the controller & bait hoppers can work independently.

One more thing! You can upgrade it to ACTOR GPS with a GPS kit , if you will think that GPS functions are needed in near future !


  • Hull Size 50,6*26,7*18,8 cm

  • Bait Hopper Quantity  2

  • Bait hopper capacity 1.5KG

  • Control Range 500M

  • Sailing speed 70m/Min

Boat Battery

  • 10000Mah

  • Continuous use time: 5hours(10000Mah)

  • Charging time:  10hours

Controller Battery

  • 1x3.7V800Mah Li-ion battery

  • Usage time: 4hours

  • Charging time: 1.5hours


 You are driving around the lake , dropped that bait of , an forgot where it went ?  Don’t worry with Actor GPS , you could safe up to 16 waypoints (15 waypoints and 1 HOME waypoint)  Very easy to navigate with a smart remote  and auto home return functions. You will never forget where your bait went , and boat will always come home safe.