Katran fishing line Synapse eclipse 0,255mm - 11,55lb  5,24kg-1200m

Katran fishing line Synapse eclipse 0,255mm - 11,55lb 5,24kg-1200m

Our task was to create universal florescent copolymer sinking fishing line: camouflage for fishing during all 24 hours in combinations with high eye visibility on night fishing. Using the very same technology that we utilize in the manufacture of our SYNAPSE NEON we had comes to completely new level of innovations. The design of a 2 meter stretch of neon pigment coupled with a 50 cm stretch of black pigment mean that upon retrieve the ECLIPSE will become visible when caught by the light of a head torch. Synapse ECLIPSE was indeed a product worthy of our range, using the line at night became a must and by flashing your head torch beam across the line, 2 meters neon colour reflected the light back giving us a control over the direction of the tow. The key innovation is dark pigments, makes the line virtually invisible for even the most suspicious fish during sunny days. Extremely effective through the sunny days, ideal for use in a clear water, in low depths, where is crucially important to make the line as visible for fish, as it possible.

The line is ideally to use at night with Katran W/B 460 headlamp.

Innovative neon-black, light-reflective long-casting florescent copolymer sinking fishing line. Incredibly useful when fishing close to snaggy or weedy areas, the sight of the line becomes invaluable in these situations especially when taking into consideration fish safety.
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