Technical data
- length: 506 mm
- width: 267 mm
- height: 128mm
- Weight: 1800 g (unloaded)
- Battery: LiIon 7,4V 10000 mAh
- Charging time: approx. 10 hours
- Travel time: max. 5 hours
- Turning radius: approx. 1m
- RC system: 2.4 GHz; 10mW
- Range (radius): approx. 500m
- Loading: max. 1500g dry bait


- Mark your starting point and your fishing pots. So make sure that you can fish exactly on your spot again at night. Save up to 16 Spots. By accurately finding the Spots you will significantly improve your fishing Chance

- Home point save alarm reminder
- Anti-lost protection (When boat loses signal for 35seconds, the boat will auto return to home point)
- Specific one-key auto return button. (Press the button once and boat will return to home wherever the boat is)
- Intelligent auto-navigation function. (Boat will automatically execute your previous command when it goes to the same destination point again.)
Handy remote with hand